In 1840, the rich Greek of Diaspora, the Baron George Sinas, who was also Consul of Greece in Vienna, discussed with his friend Prokesh-Osten, Ambassador of Austria in Athens, about what could he offer to contribute to the development of the newly founded Athens' University. Prokesh-Osten, who during 1837 had at his service as translator the physicist and astronomer George Vouris, proposed to Sinas to contribute to the foundation of an Observatory. The King Othon gave to Sinas the higher State decoration and he was personally involved in the foundation.

Second Gymnasium for girls was founded around 1930.
The operation of the school was terminated in 1979 together with almost every school exclusively for boys or girls in Greece. It was accommodated in a fine building at 8-10 Marasli Street in Kolonaki, built in 1927. The supersede of the Second Gymnasium is the 26th High School of Athens (a joint school), accommodated in the same building. Its laboratory hosts the few instruments that have survived from the Second Gymnasium. Unfortunately, no records about the old laboratory have been found.

One of the first Gymnasiums of the Greek State (founded in 1835), established in Plaka. The first scientific instruments were sent to this Gymnasium in 1857, and the professor of physics George Paulides was asked by letter from the Ministry to begin the teaching of experimental physics.

The Athens University History Museum is located in one of the oldest residential buildings still standing in Athens today. The historical building was the home of the architect Stamatios Kleanthis and is also known as the “Old University”, since it housed (1837-1841) the first University of the independent Greek state. The Museum was inaugurated in 1987 under the rectorship of Michalis Stathopoulos. Its collections consist of old and rare book editions, manuscripts, diplomas, scientific instruments, portraits, photographs, medals, seals and other University memorabilia.

The First Gymnasium of Serres is the most historical school of the township of Serres. The Gymnasium of Serres, that is the precursor of the First Gymnasium of Serres, contributed remarkably to the education in this town.
The building of the Gymnasium of Serres was consecrated in 18th July 1926. It had a very good equipment of instruments, supervisory and a unique collection in Greece of scientific instruments, that was a donation of bequest of Gregory Rakitzi.

The National Historical Museum was founded in 1884 and it is the oldest museum of history in Greece. It belongs to the Historical and Ethnological Society of Greece which was founded in 1882 with the purpose of collecting and preserving historical objects and written evidence which narrates the greek history from the Fall of Constantinople till today. The core of museum’s collections was created from the donations of the families of Fighters of Greek War of Independence (1821).